Outstanding New Member Program

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Division of Student Life

Hazing Prevention and Education Committee

Outstanding New Member Program Application


The new member experience for student organizations, athletic teams, FSILGs, and living communities can serve to introduce new members to the organization or group, equip them with knowledge and connections they need to be successful, and support them in feeling welcome and part of the group. The purpose of the Outstanding New Member Program is to recognize those organizations, groups, and living communities that provide a welcoming experience by planning and implementing a positive program to build a sense of group identity and community.

The DSL Hazing Prevention Education Committee (HPEC) would like to recognize organizations that take the time to plan new member programs and help assist them in their endeavors.

Organizations that meet the recognition criteria will receive:

  • Invitation to a reception honoring group members
  • Recognition at the DSL Annual Leadership Award Ceremony
  • Use of the Haze Free MIT logo for your materials and website

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis from September 19, 2016 through April 1, 2017.  

Recognition Criteria

  1. The program demonstrates creativity and innovation in its plan and implementation.
  2. The program states a clear message that all members of the undergraduate and/or graduate student community are welcome and promotes diversity within the group or organization.
  3. The program emphasizes and utilizes an inclusive tone that does not highlight the new members as different or separate from other members.
  4. The program is designed to promote a sense of belonging and group identity.
  5. The program clearly states that hazing in any form (subtle, harassment, or violent) will not be part of the program nor tolerated by group or organization members (see the MIT hazing policy for more information about definitions of hazing).
  6. Returning members are active participants in the new member program.
  7. All group members have been informed about the MIT policy on hazing and the Massachusetts State Law prohibiting hazing.

How to apply

To apply for the Outstanding New Member Program Recognition please provide the following information and email it to Don Camelio at dcamelio@mit.edu.

  1. What is the name of the student organization, athletic team, or living group seeking New Member Program recognition?
  1. Describe the program or activity you are planning.
  1. What is the purpose or intended outcome of the program? What do you hope members will take away after participating in the experience?
  1. How will participation in the program help further the goals and objectives of the organization, athletic team, or living group?
  1. List the involvement of current group or community members involved in the program. What was their role?
  1. How will you know if the New Member Program was successful?
  1. How were all group members informed about the MIT policy on hazing and the Massachusetts State Law prohibiting hazing?